A Soldiers Smartphone: Images of Camaraderie and War

Some of the most stirring images to come out of recent wars weren’t made by professional photographers.

The rise of amateur digital photography in the 2000s created a paradigm shift in depictions and perceptions of war. Until recently, documenting wars largely belonged to the professional photographer.

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Iraq may have been the first major war where personal photography was accessible to nearly any soldier on the ground. In Iraq, soldiers toted Continue reading “A Soldiers Smartphone: Images of Camaraderie and War”

Photo Editing Is An Essential Part Of Photography

Today, it is generally accepted that even the best images can benefit from a few basic enhancements with photo editing software.


The following are the steps I use on every photo: 1) Crop and level the horizon and correct the perspective. 2) Adjust the levels and find the white balance to boost contrast, brighten highlights and darken shadows. 3)  Fine-tune saturation Continue reading “Photo Editing Is An Essential Part Of Photography”

Croatian Family Memories

We take pictures so people remember…memories in the air…hoping someone will find them and make sense of everything we chose to ignore.

Whenever we look at old photos, the memories in the photograph become our memories as well.

Splendor In The Adriatic. Circa Early Sixties. Petar Jurčević and Sister.


Photo restoration can sometimes be skillful and sometimes expressionistic.  It’s not only about the technology and software, but also about the experience, care, judgement and desire Continue reading “Croatian Family Memories”

You don’t take a photograph…

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Ansel Adams

You don’t need an expensive camera to take good photographs. The camera is merely a device in the photographers hand.


“Photography” is a Greek term and means  Continue reading “You don’t take a photograph…”

If Photo Editing Isn’t About Apps & Sliders, What’s It About?

Photo editing has matured over the years. There are so many apps out there that do so many different things, yet so many things that are similar. It gets really confusing. Today, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t seen an Exposure, Shadows, or Detail slider before. With phones, apps, etc… you’ve almost certainly come across these sliders several times whenever you open a photo to edit.


So, it’s not about sliders anymore. I think it’s more about the vision for the photo. The creative process of bringing a beautiful image Continue reading “If Photo Editing Isn’t About Apps & Sliders, What’s It About?”